Muzaffer İnan is at his deathbed. His journalist son Kemal who looks after him, calls his two brothers Metin and Aziz, and her sister Selma whose lives have been shuttered by struggle. Everyone except Aziz, who prefers to stay in a nearby cafe because of the problems he has with elder brother Metin, comes home with their personal problems.

After spending a little time with their dying father, the siblings start to talk about how to share the house which they are in, the summer house in Altınoluk, the money at the bank and the furniture at home.

“Screen Writer & Director”

Erhan Tuncer


İlker Avcı
They start to talk about old times, accusations and regrets start. The night that everbody shares everything brutally, a knock on the door surprises them. A young woman who speaks in Azerbaijani accent claims that the dying man inside is her father and bequeathed all his properties to her mother in his will.

Is it enough to be from the same blood to have inherited a “property”? Is one last night enough for siblings to know each other? What is “rightness”?

Yazan/Yöneten – ERHAN TUNCER


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